Dave Greber Award – Call For Submissions

I was fortunate enough to work with Shirley Dunn when she created this award a few years ago.  It began as an award for Calgary and area writers and I remember telling her "It's too bad you can't go province-wide with it - or even beyond - as you'd get a lot more 
submissions and interest."

Well, I sort of lost track of the award for the last couple years but it
looks like that idea's come true. Writers in Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC are now eligible!

The award is a $2000 prize for a freelance writer writing in the area of
social justice.

More details from the web site listed in the message below.


The 2007 *Call for Submissions for the Dave Greber Freelance Writers Award* can now be found on the website at

This year we are very pleased to announce that eligible freelance
writers living in Saskatchewan are welcome to apply, as are writers in
Alberta and British Columbia.

In the past you have been helpful in informing writers, publishers and
your members about the award, and the Call for Submissions. I am
hopeful that you can be called on once again to spread the word. Your assistance and support makes a difference.

If there are any concerns or questions please contact me. Thank you.

Keep Writing

Shirley Dunn
Fund Developer
Dave Greber Freelance Writers Award


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