"Blogs, they're what old people do now."

“Blogs, they're what old people do now…E-mail is the same way. The youngest generation of Internet users don't bother with blogs or e-mail, preferring social sites such as MySpace and instant messaging to stay in touch.”
– Librarian.net's
Jessamyn West, profiled in the “Everybody's Interesting” column of Valley News

…although to be fair, the article does go on to say:

“West is part of a group of young, technologically sophisticated
librarians who exchange information about their work through blog
postings, and, more conventionally, at library conferences. They have
taken it upon themselves to dream about “Library 2.0,” what libraries
will look like and how libraries will function now that information is
both easier to come by and harder to sift.”

On a different note, I've done a couple posts over on LibrarianActivist.org about Steve Jobs' recent announcement that Apple would sell DRM-free music via iTunes if the big music labels would agree to do so.  Is this the beginning of the end for DRM-enforced music?  I hope so!  (And if you don't have LA in your feed-reader, why not add it?)

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