I Want A Firefox Extension To…

One of the beautiful things about Firefox as a browser is how customizable it is.  According to my stats, the vast majority of people reading this blog use that browser so I thought I'd pass along this site that I had bookmarked: I Want A Firefox Extension To… which is a collection of over 200 extensions that add functionality to the Firefox browser in areas from Ad Blocking to Links to Weather.

I think I may have listed this elsewhere on the blog already but there are some new ones on the list since then so here is a list of extensions I have installed.  My absolute favourites are in bold italic (I'm too lazy to add links to all of them but just do a Google search on any of their names and you'll find them) :

– blocks ads (duh)

– helps control where bookmarks get added in your folder structure

– just like the name says, useful for banking sites and others that tend to clear your password, even if you told the browser to remember it.

– ALT-right click on any word to get a definition and other information

Colourful Tabs
– makes your tabs different colours which helps usability way more than it sounds like it should! 

– allows you to copy to the clipboard the current document's address
along with additional information such as the document's title, the
current selection or both.

– just like it says, provides all kinds of hacks to make Google more usable

– adds buttons to your navigation bar for quickly adding bookmarks to Delicious

– provides easy access to meta information about a web page

– download all links on a page.  Useful for sites that have things like multiple MP3 files or multiple programs to download.

– combines your Firefox and delicious bookmarks

– provides controls for your media player within your browser

– provides right click access directly to Google Maps when you highlight an address on a web page

– provides thumbnails of web pages in your Google results

– adds a toolbar to provide direct access to all Google functions

– allows you to switch to Internet Explorer without leaving the Firefox browser.  Useful for those sites that are still only accessible in IE.

– tracks various information about your reading habits on MetaFilter

– provides a few extra options for reading PDF files

– allows you capture an entire web page as a graphic image rather than just what's displayed in the browser window as is the case with a “Print Screen” grab.

SearchEngine Ordering
– gives you control of how your search extensions are ordered

– gives you complete control over all aspects of your tabbed browsing

– easily grab video clips from YouTube, Google Video and other video sites

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