I'll Be Home For Christmas

I was looking for a clip from a M*A*S*H episode set to “I'll Be Home For Christmas” because it has that perfect touch of melancholy that makes for perfect holiday music (see the Pogues clip I linked to earlier this month for the ultimate example.) 

I couldn't find the clip I wanted (what?  Every single piece of video recorded isn't online yet?)  but did stumble across this montage of home movies set to the same tune and with a Saskatchewan theme to boot (honest, I have no connection to this video although some of the mullet headed guys in the background do slightly resemble myself in Grade 11.)  The shots of the parents laying in bed with their baby are particularly heartwarming (well, they are this year.  Last year, I would have found them mawkish and over-the-top. )

So anyhow, Merry Christmas (and/or Happy Holidays depending on how politically correct you prefer this time of the year) and thanks to everybody reading for helping make my year such a great one! 

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