Friday Fun Link – Ten LIS Stories That Shaped 2006 (Dec 15, 2006) names The Top Ten LIS Stories of 2006 (via Stephen’s Lighthouse

The list is a
bit tech-heavy and a bit US-centric but otherwise, provides a good
overview of the year in libraryland.  (That's kind of a goofy phrase
but since a prof used it recently, I've started using it too!)

I didn't do this when I cross-posted the link over at LibrarianActivist but since I love them so much (especially this week!), here's the full list…

(You can still click the link above to get blurbs with some more explanation of why these stories were chosen.) 

10. New UCLA Slogan: “Get Tasered @ your library”
9. Ding Dong, Gorman Tenure Ends
8. Library Weblog Explosion, Redux
7. EPA Library Closure
6. Library 2.0 Meme
5. More Elephants in the Room (Libraries Face Competition From Online Giants)
4. Censorship
3. Net Neutrality
2. P is for Privacy
1. James Frey Fallout

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