Friday Fun Link – US Presidential Speeches – Tag Clouds (Nov 3, 2006)

Just in time for the US mid-term elections next week, this site
(which unfortunately is best viewed in Internet Explorer) creates a tag
cloud of the most-used phrases in every President’s State of the Union
address going back to 1776.

Phrases are shown in terms of popularity,
frequency and trends. Use the slider at the top of the page to move
back through previous speeches.

John Adams’ most used word in 1776?
“Assembly” and “Constitution” are close to tied.

George W. Bush’s Most Used Word in 2006?
No surprise that it’s “terrorist”.
(via Digg)

Here’s a bonus link for the day: Current Electoral Vote Predictor
was my favourite site leading up to the 2004 election and it’s a
regular stop again in 2006. 

I tried to keep my comments non-partisan over at but on my own blog, I can't say how much I hope the Democrats win, definitely the Senate and hopefully the House as well.  There's no reason they shouldn't based on what's happened the last two years in the US and the record-low approval ratings for George Bush but between Democrats lack of killer instinct and some very fishy circumstances around electronic voting machines, you never know.  I'll have my eyes glued to the TV Tuesday night at any rate. 

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