Daylight Saving My Streak Time

Shea and I whipped into Toronto today to attend the Baby and Toddler Show this afternoon.  A bit disappointing in terms of the number of exhibitors but this is probably a case of us being really early in the pregnancy mixed with the fact that they weren't giving out free books like the last time I attended a trade show at the Metro Convention Centre.   We met up with Quinn and Robin (and Rory in her new, sneaky-deeky carrying case) for supper at a Korean place then had a drink at cool little bar across from the Greyhound station before heading back to London. (I know “crappy little dive” is the more typical description of bars across from bus stations – see London, ON — Wick, The) but this one was actually quite nice. 

I tried to get on to Toronto's free new downtown wireless service earlier in the day but you apparently need a mobile phone to get your user name and password txtd to you.  And I, being one of the few people left in society without a cell phone, was left out of this great benefit for the masses.  (I could see that policy if the wireless was supplied by Rogers Mobile – corporate synergy and all that – but it's Toronto Hydro.  So why?)  Anyhow, just based on the two introductory web pages I was able to load, it seemed pretty slow (big surprise when you're offering free Wifi to the country's largest downtown core) so I think the promise is still a bit richer than the reality. 

Finally, I've had a pretty good streak of consecutive days posting to the blog going but because I didn't get on the Net in TO today, that was broken.  Or was it?  I mean, if you can't cheat on your time stamps on “fall back” daylight savings time day, when can you cheat?  So I think I'll nudge this entry back to 11:59pm (instead of the next day at 2:22am) and carry on with the streaking (er, streak.)

This blurb was in the off-campus housing monthly e-newsletter which I somehow got myself subscribed to.  Yet another reason Saskatchewan is…unique.  (Seriously, the reason we haven't switched is apparently the dairy lobby thinks their cows won't know when to produce milk.  Or something like that!)

Is Daylight Saving Time worldwide?
Nope, it is mostly observed in temperate zones, where the difference in daylight is most obvious between the seasons.

Everywhere in Canada though, right?
Unless you live in Saskatchewan, the only Canadian province that does not observe Daylight Saving Time. This policy was enacted in 1966 to help solve difficulties that arose when time zones varied from town to town. While Saskatchewan is always on Central Standard Time, in the summer months, it matches adjacent areas that are on Mountain Daylight Time to the west and south, and in the winter it matches the areas on Central Standard Time to the east. 
That must be confusing. Imagine living in Lloydminster, a town bisected by the Saskatchewan-Alberta border! This town has special exception on its Saskatchewan side and observes DST with Mountain Standard Time.

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    We were a bit disappointed with the Baby & Toddler show too. There were some great exhibitors, but more would have been better for sure. I did manage to learn that if I sneak my car in the VIP area through the hotel (in the back, off of Simcoe St.), I was able to be in-doors to pick up my wife and kids – no nasty wind to deal with!

    Posted 30 Oct 2006 at 12:39 am
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Dave,
    Just curious – how'd you find my blog entry? Were you searching for the show on Bloglines or something? Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to comment. I checked out your blog as well – lots of good stuff there!

    Posted 30 Oct 2006 at 4:42 am

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