I Can Still Post Entries (Even if Nobody Can See Them) and They Show Up in the Sidebar so click on Read This! above to see this entry…

…I might as well sit here and talk to myself until I get this bandwidth issue resolved or the end of the month comes and it gets reset. 

Since I can still manipulate the layout of the site, I think people should be able to find me so that's good.  I put up a “Read This” element on the left navigation bar that leads to a plain text file where I posted an explanation (and also just realised I can copy my “behind-the-wall” updates there for the time being.)

So what else should I say at this point?  For the most part, I've been extremely happy with NetIdentity who provide my personalized e-mail (jason@hammond.net), web site (http://headtale.com) since 2001 and blog (http://headtale.com) since February of this year.  I'd seen them before (I think they were called NameBank.com) and at the time, I was like “who would ever pay for that when you get a free e-mail address and web space from your ISP?  But when we were moving to Calgary (and knowing we'd be moving back to Saskatchewan eventually), I realised that there was an enormous hassle in updating e-mail subscriptions, address books and so on everytime you got a new e-mail address. 

To get around this, I looked into registering my own domain but I wanted something brief and memorable and relevant to me but unfortunately, hammond.com, hammond.net, hammond.org and all types of similar variations were already gone.  So I answered my own question by becoming someone who would use the NameBank (which had become NetIdentity.com) service.  For about $50 USD/year, I got my own e-mail and web domain.  These services are a bit limited in some ways (I can't run databases and other advanced features on my web page) but for the most part, they're easy to use and exactly what I needed.  It also gave me an e-mail address that travelled with me (and possibly will travel with me for the rest of my life – assuming I don't get all PO'ed by this outage and switch over to something else!)  In this day and age, I really think that's worth its weight in gold. 

The ready-made blog software they've offered for the last few years is a similar story – fairly robust while still lacking a few major features and not having the ability to tweak these types of things as you can with WordPress or other services which can be frustrating.  But again, for maybe $50/year more, it's worth it…at least for me, at least for right now. 

Web hosting prices have dropped since I first looked at my own domain – I think back then, it was a minimum of $8.95/month to host a basic site but now you can literally get web hosting for a couple bucks a month.  So NetIdentity is probably a lot more expensive than it needs to be.  But again, the convenience is a big selling feature is the personalized domain. 

Uhm, this wasn't meant to be a commercial message but I
think I'm still a member of NetIdentity's affiliate program so if the idea of having your own personalized e-mail address for the rest of your life (you can buy only the e-mail service for $24.95 USD/year) appeals, contact me and if you sign up for me, I get a big $20 credit to my own account.    Whoo-hoo!

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