Just trying to get through to my hosting company to resolve the bandwidth issue…but since they shut me off with no warning and no “cushion room” plus they have no way to manually add room to my bandwidth limit (without renewing all my services – e-mail, webhosting, etc – for a full year), I can't give them money even though I want to (nor will anybody be able to see this message until I get it fixed so I feel like I'm talking to myself here.) 

I've got to dig a bit deeper and see what's taking up so much bandwidth.  My first thought was “maybe that Digg link I posted got re-discovered?” but I don't think that's it.  I'm streaming a few images/photos from Flickr onto the site but I don't think those count against my limit (or they shouldn't anyhow).  A quick look at my stats shows that a person (or people) on MySpace are leeching an image I host on my own server space which takes up a fair chunk of my bandwidth allotment so I'll have to move that to Flickr or change the filename or something. 

But otherwise, no idea why I got shut down.  I guess I'm transferring a lot of data without even realising it.  I know from my stats there are quite a few people reading this page but I never realised it was pushing my limit this much (I was pretty close last month too apparently – like if five more people had looked at the page, I probably would've been over then.) 

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