(Imagine a "Big Event Is Coming To Town" Commerical Voice) One Day Only! Tomorrow! Tomorrow! TOMORROW!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Too bad I'm working, now I'll miss the Mayhem, Mayhem, Mayhem!!!

    Posted 23 Oct 2006 at 12:17 am
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    I'm coming!! Count me in!! I'll be loaded up with Fishermen's Friends so I won't cough, and if I do I'll crawl out the door inconspicuously…Stop. Drop. and Roll.
    I'm looking forward to it Jason, cause I've been cooped up sick for a few days…nothing contagious. It's a chest cold brought on by an allergy reaction to a cute dog (not quite as cute as Rory but pretty cute…)

    Posted 23 Oct 2006 at 1:50 am
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