Art Slade and Maggie Wood at FIMS Next Monday

Funny story.  After my “Public Libraries in the Community” class today, my group met because we have to come up with a business plan proposal for a new “for fee” service for a library.  We were sort of struggling to come up with an idea as most of us were thinking “libraries = free” (I love my group!) 

Some ideas included charging for a tutoring service (that would be more advanced than the still-free homework club that most libraries have).  Someone else proposed a business centre with faxing capabilities, computers with no time restrictions, telephones, etc. Stealing an idea directly from the Regina Public Library, I came up with the idea of implementing a full-scale film theatre as part of the library's services.  None of the ideas were really grabbing us though.

But then our instructor came up and suggested a speaker series.  Brilliant!  Why didn't I think of that? 

(Meanwhile, I had 10 Lunch Bucket posters sitting in my backpack at that very moment!)  Another bonus of this idea: since I planned (or helped plan) for a lot of speakers over the past 10 years, this assignment will be like second nature.  Yay! 

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