How Babies Are Like Dogs

I posted this link in response to Jill's comment in my last entry on “The Poo Bomb” but it's such an interesting idea, I thought I'd give it front-page status so more people see it. 

She did a post on her blog after reading a book about the idea that infants can be toilet-trained (ie. conditioned) when they''re pre-verbal rather than after they've already “learned” to “do the poo” in their pants. 

There's a great line in the book about how babies *do* communicate
their needs with us, but if we ignore them, they eventually stop
trying. That really hit home.”

This post is just her initial thoughts, right after she discovered the technique so I'm sure she has follow-ups as well.  But I can confirm that the technique did work and damned if that little Eamon (rhymes with semen – just kidding – inside joke ) didn't learn to go both pee and poo on command.  (Made for an interesting office environment, let me tell you!)

Plus as a bonus, the comments end up being a debate on commercialization and the place of women/mothers in western culture. 

Uhm, to make this library related, here's a link to a book about the technique.

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