Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

I told my in-laws about this blog and now I know that my mother-in-law is reading on a regular basis.  So I thought I'd do an entry dedicated to her and my father-in-law.  They're part-owners of a herd of buffalo in Saskatchewan so I thought this riddle is fitting. 

The sentence listed in the title of this post is grammatically correct.  Can you figure out how it works? 

Mouseover the hidden text below to see an explanation and a link to a related Wikipedia entry.

Read it like this and it should make sense:
“Bison from the city in NY, which are intimidated by other bison from that city in NY, also intimidate Bison from that city in NY.”

Basically they're all intimidated by one another.
(via Wikipedia)

(Originally found via Digg)

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