Canadian Library Month

Happy Canadian Library Month

From CLA:
Canadian Library Association (CLA) is pleased to announce that October
has been designated as Canadian Library Month! The idea for a month
dedicated to library and information services in Canada was developed
by library partners from across the country to help raise public
awareness of the valuable role that libraries play in the lives of

Library Month will be launched October 3, 2006 and will be celebrated
under the theme ” Libraries: the world at your fingertips / Les
bibliothèques : le monde au bout des doigts. ”

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    I was surprised to hear that there was a whole month dedicated to libraries. Although, I probably should have known, since librarians are such an excitable bunch (no sarcasm intended!).
    I like the tag for the month, but I'm not too sure about the accompanying graphic. I saw it before I saw “Libraries: the world at your fingertips.” There's something awkward going on with those glaring red fingerprints that kind of look like eyes, making what I'm assuming to be a book, look like hair.
    Nonetheless, yay to Canadian Library Month! Why don't we all have t-shirts??!?! It would be fun to organize something for us all to do to celebrate. Thanks for the heads up! Without your lovely and informative blog, I would be lost and, of course, uninformed.

    Posted 04 Oct 2006 at 2:07 am
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Glad I could help! And yes, I agree, that is a pretty disturbing graphic. Were they trying to tie in with the fact that it's in October (ie. Halloween?) Yikes!

    Posted 06 Oct 2006 at 10:34 pm
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