Let's All Go To The Grad Club

I'll be at the Grad Club tomorrow afternoon around 4pm to celebrate the impending birth of my child (okay, it's nine months away but any excuse to go for a drink, right?). 

Actually, Quinn Dupont who was in the program but is currently on leave after being accepted for a Masters of Philosophy at the U of T will be back in London-town so we're going to be hanging out. 

Quinn is legendary in this program (er, or at least within my cohort) for a variety of things including:

  • running the Untitled Movie Series featuring films about libraries and library-related issues
  • working to start a comic book as a response to Access Copyright's “Captain Copyright” character
  • regularly using phrases such as “socialist hegemony” and other multi-syllabic words in class comments
  • maintaining a blog which had weekly pictures of his Tuesday beer drinking exploits mixed with gourmet-level recipes and in-depth accounts of his battles with Rogers Cable Internet
  • having the cutest dog in the history of puppyhood
  • being a virtual giant of a man (in this photo, the bottle he's holding is a 66 oz but he makes it look like a mickey). 

Here's the blurb from his Spirit of Librarianship nomination last term:

Quinn embodies many of the qualities of the ideal librarian
– whether it is enabling access to information by sharing digital
versions of
readings with his classmates or by raising awareness by running a movie
that is focused on librarians and library-related issues.  Beyond this,
Quinn has a deep intellect and a collegial manner.  One classmate
summed up his presence like this: “Did you ever notice that Quinn's the
only one of us, who, when he puts up his hand to make a point in class,
everybody stops typing or daydreaming and pays attention?”  Finally,
although it is only in the planning stages right now, his idea to do a
“Captain Commons” comic book in response to Access Copyright's biased
and library-unfriendly “Captain Copyright” character is a stroke of
genius that I'm sure will show another side of the copyright debate and
much attention from the wider library community, across Canada and the

If all of that hasn't intimidated you into submission, everybody's invited to join us. 

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