An Unofficial Guide to UWO FIMS Library School

I’ve had a couple chances to plug my blog in front of the new semester of students in the last couple weeks (and have had a few compliments on the content from people who’d checked it out – thank you very much!) 

But obviously not everybody’s going to take the time to browse or search through the whole thing going back to February to see every little thought I’ve had about this program.  So I thought it might be helpful to make one central post that collected links to a sort of “Best of” my thoughts on library school and libraries, maybe even link to it from the sidebar so that it’s always front and centre for any future students who may be looking for information.

Jason’s “Best of” Blog Posts About The University of Western Ontario’s Library School and Libraries in general


You can also scan through the category and keywords for “library school” for less specific but hopefully still relevant posts.

Here are some posts, both re-posted on my blog and found elsewhere, of relevant library school-type information:







Hmm, this is probably a good place to link to the assignments I’ve been brave enough to upload as well. 

Selected Library School Assignments I’ve Uploaded

  • My Statement of Intent – I know I linked to it above but it fits in both categories.  Again, it also leads to three other Statements of Intent as well so you can see the different ways people approach it.



And here’s a link to the page that Sabina and I made for the Spirit of Librarianship Award.

Finally, here’s a list of posts that are relevant to life as a working professional librarian…

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