If Lukas Wins, We All Win (Spoiler Alert)

So I got hooked on the RockStar: Supernova TV show and tonight watched the finale where Toronto's Lukas Rossi became the second Canadian in a row to win on the show.  I am proud to report that I was the one who created the intial page for him on Wikipedia and of course, this makes me famous too.   

The irony is that I created this page for the opposite reason because Wikipedians deleted another page I created for Spirit of Librarianship and I was trying to make a point that they allow single-line pages for English villages or disposable reality TV contestants no one will remember in five years.  Unluckily for me, Lukas is now about to enter his sixteenth minute of fame and may last a bit longer than I expected.  (It's gone now but the last time I visited that page, one of the points added to the Trivia section was: “He's HOT!!!!!!!!” )

On a completely unrelated topic, I submitted “Useless As Tits on A Bull: User Fees in Alberta Public Libraries” to “Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library and Information Research and Practice” and just got back their feedback yesterday.  They're not going to take it as submitted but encouraged me to re-submit after making some of the many changes they suggested.  Luckily, I've been in a few writing groups in my life so am used to getting my work torn apart. 

All aspects of this process have been very educational and helpful and, if you want to get some real feedback (as opposed to the little amount of feedback most professors have time to provide on your assignments), I encourage you to submit to a peer-reviewed journal. 

Oh, and the title?  Yep, that was one of the concerns one reviewer raised!   I personally don't see it – the phrase has no sexual connection at all but the word “tits” scares the heck out of some people.  It's sort of like those people who were horrified when a parenting magazine printed a cover image of a woman breastfeeding! I repeat, a parenting magazine. 

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    the title…! in the research methodologies class here the prof introduced dillon's “in the pursuit of the colon: a century of scholarly progress” from 1982.
    titular colonicity means that titles that contain colons are more likely to be deemed relevant by the user than titles without colons.
    but wait! there's more!
    a title that contains a colon is more likley to be relevant, but the closer the colon is to the beginning of the title, the more relevant the user will think it is.
    so your title “Useless As Tits on A Bull: User Fees in Alberta Public Libraries” fits, though you might want to make the bit after the colon a bit longer.
    these obscure and kinda funny bits, but still the class is so boring i want to gouge my eye out with a spoon. i think i'm going to take up knitting instead.

    Posted 14 Sep 2006 at 1:40 pm
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    That's hilarious. I've definitely noticed (and been influenced) by the use of the colon in the titles of many of my assignments.

    Posted 17 Sep 2006 at 8:32 pm

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