Randomness (Happy Labour Day aka "What I Learned On My Summer Vacation")

Another recurring feature on this blog is that I've done a few “random thoughts” posts connected to various holidays over the past few months.  I didn't do one on Monday so here's a belated Happy Labour Day to you and some good old fashioned randomness…

What I Learned On My Summer Vacation
Short of a trip to Woolworth's to buy a Star Wars lunch bucket, this return to school felt more like a “real” return to school than either of my last semesters.  Knowing that many high schools were returning to their classrooms today and seeing all of the fresh-faced undergrads running around campus added to this feeling. 

What I Learned About Fresh-Faced Undergrads
They're not exactly fresh-faced.  More like “purple-faced“.  Christina, who has a co-op on campus so has been over there during the break warned me, “It's like being on an American campus – all these kids in matching t-shirts and painted faces marching and chanting.”  (A few of us were standing around today at NCB talking about this and we decided that one commonality between all library students is our lack of enthusiam for such activities.)  Unfortunately, I have not one but two classes up by the UCC this semester so I'm going to have to wade through the undergrads on a much more regular basis than when I can cocoon in the NCB.

What I Learned About Student Council
Had our first meeting today and I think we've got an awesome group of people.  Hopefully we can get lots of exciting work done over the next semester that will help not only current students but those who may come later. 

What I Learned About Car Rentals
We've rented a few cars through the year and have had a different model everytime.  Our latest was the Ford Fusion which Shea and I both completely fell in love with, so much as to the point that this could very likely be the next type of car we buy when we're in the market for one in a year or two. 

What I Learned About London Public Library
It's easily one of my least favourite libraries I've used in my entire life.  There's many reasons for this that I won't get into now (note to self: future list alert!) but I'm hoping I get to explore this further in my public libraries class somehow.  (For instance, I'd like to do a paper on “The Perfect Public Library” this semester if I can fit it in.  Any comments on what makes a great public library for you would be appreciated!)  (Oh, and if I end up applying for a job there in four months, these comments are of course null and void and I *love* LPL! )

Okay, that's about it.  I also had one other recurring feature in this blog where I'd often name a “Classmate/Colleague of the Day”, a highly coveted award (?) given to acknowledge classmates who helped me out or made me laugh or did something cool or basically anything else that catches my attention.  I haven't given it out for awhile because the only classmate I had contact with over the break was myself (er, that sounds dirtier than I meant it to) but I'll bring it back now. 

Classmate of the Day is Lindsay Holdsworth who did a kick-ass job chairing her first Student Council meeting.  Sometimes I think about how fun it would be to have all of my favourite classmates end up at the same library working in our favourite areas (I'd be in charge of collections development) and Lindsay is one of those people that I'd love to work with.  

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    interesting observations.
    I was one of those marching/chanting undergrads (weren't we all) – I was also an orientation leader for 2 years at Windsor – and I am in a sorority (so even more matching shirts and chanting). I think the lack of enthusiasm usually comes from having done it all before – don't know many grad students who would act like that.
    You don't like LPL! I actually really liked it – though I went more to my local branch than to the central library.

    Posted 06 Sep 2006 at 3:29 pm

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