Welcome New LIS Students!

Got a chance to plug my blog after giving a brief (?) talk about the role of the Student Council's Academic Rep during the orientation session for the new students today so I thought I'd write a “Welcome” post in case there were a few new visitors stopping by to check it out. 

For some reason, the category I have for “LibrarySchool” on this blog only shows the most recent 5-10 posts.  But the keyword for “LibrarySchool” shows them all so that's a better way to go if you want to see some of my thoughts and experiences on library school over the past two semesters.  The “List” keyword also tends to have a lot of library school-related stuff on it as well.

What else?  Lindsay and Tina didn't tell me they were going to answer the “Introduce Yourself” orientation questions that all students have to (and I know most of you were probably bored out of your minds after sitting there all morning anyhow) but here are my answers:

Name: Jason Hammond

Hometown: Regina, SK (originally, Indian Head, Saskatchewan)
Education: BA – English from University of Regina
Library Experience: one week shelving books at U of Calgary library but I've spent nearly 10 years in the literary non-profit sector before coming to library school so have done lots of projects jointly with librarians over the years
Passions: The Beatles, Travel, Reading (obviously), Internet, Playing Guitar (very badly)

I meant what I said at orientation – if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  E-mail is my preferred method but my phone number is: 519-435-1948 and that works too.  I'm around school quite a bit during the semester and if I'm not at NCB, you can also catch me at the Grad Club sometimes.

It probably sounded cheesy but I meant the other thing I said at orientation too – librarianship is one of those professions, like nursing or teaching, that is fundamental to the operation of a healthy society so hopefully you already feel this way as you enter library school or you'll see what I mean as you learn more about the history of the profession. 

Actually, I had a classmate write a paper in 501 arguing that the debate about whether librarianship is a “profession” or not is moot and we should start thinking of it as a “calling” instead.  That sums up my feelings pretty well. 

That's about it for now.  I try to post on a daily basis so check back often.  Starting next week, many of my posts will again be about my experiences in library school. 

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