2006 Fred Eaglesmith Charity Picnic In Photos

 Stars With One Name: Cher, Madonna and…Fred?

Performer line-up for the weekend

Our campsite

The unofficial “best campsite” award

We were warned about the “Missisauga Rattlers” when we set-up our campsite but didn't realise they were being wrangled on stage as well.

Washboard Hank is a very…unique (?)…musician.

Canadian folk legend, Willie P. Bennett

Man overboard!

Our friend from Calgary, “Beer Doug”, surprised a bunch of the Fredheads at the picnic by flying in with his wife, Kayla, for the weekend

Roger Marin gets a lesson from his daughter during Fred Eaglesmith's final set on Sunday

Jesse Eaglesmith plays as her proud papa looks on during Sunday's final encore

The t-shirt says it all…

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