Cheaper Books Coming To Canada?

Books in Canada have been costing up to 36% more than in the US, due to the way the book prices have been fixed to an outdated exchange rate. However, following pressure from unhappy consumers and bookstore owners, most publishers are now reducing their prices.  Random House Canada will begin offering discounts to retailers on books that have been published for more than one year. Retailers should thus be able to cut their prices by 20%. John Wiley and Sons Canada will reduce the prices of all their books, including reprints and new issues, to ensure they are only priced 20% higher than in the US. For more information visit:
(er, probably easier to go to the library and read it for free than paying $4.95 for access to this 867 word article!)

(via Writers Guild of Alberta listserv which in turn, was posted via Writing World Issue 6:07

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