Bruce Fyfe's Spirit of Librarianship Letter of Thanks

Bruce asked me to post this letter on his behalf an an addendum to the speech he gave after he won the Spirit of Librarianship Award at the Destressor last Wednesday.

On Wednesday, August 9, I was given the Summer 2006 Spirit of Librarianship
Award. I want to thank the people who put my name forward and I want to
thank all the people who voted for me and for all the terrific people who were
nominated for this award.  I cannot, however, accept this honour alone.
The Spirit of Librarianship resides in all of the people who have made up this
great class.  

This award belongs to all of the people who received nominations.  When
I saw the list of nominations my first reaction was to wonder how I could
choose from such a talented, committed group of people. Each and every one of
these friends is deserving of this award.  Whether it was a commitment to
making the MLIS experience a positive and rewarding one through active involvement
in student government, or commitment to spreading and enhancing the ideals of
librarianship, or their infectious good nature, or their willingness to lend a
hand or sympathetic ear, each one deserves to be recognized. So, Catherine,
Gabe, Linda, Quinn, Becky, Daniella, Jay, Tracy, Mark and Michael, thank you
for making the MLIS program a stimulating, fun, inspiring and all-round
rewarding experience.

The award also belongs to all of my other classmates and to MLIS faculty and
staff who have worked so hard to create a wonderful collegial atmosphere. 
The various performers, storytellers, educators, debaters, organizers, and the
facilitators have each contributed to building this community and must be
acknowledged.  These fine people, by the force of your personalities, your
intelligence and your commitment, have shown us the value of library as
community, as access to information, and as a place that strives to educate

And finally, to all of those who have, by your nature and the force of your
personalities, made the MLIS experience fun – despite the grueling pace and
spirit-crushing workload – thank you.  Perhaps more than any, you
represent the spirit of librarianship.  And, it is fitting, I think, to
end with a quotation from Monty Python:  “You see, I don't believe
that libraries should be drab places where people sit in silence, and that's
been the main reason for our policy of employing wild animals as

Thank you to all.  Congratulations to all who have completed your
studies and good luck in the job hunt. And to those continuing in courses or
co-op, best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Bruce Fyfe

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