Bohemian Beer

I got a bit homesick when I saw an empty Boh bottle in the recycling room the other day.  I thought someone else from Sask-a-bush was getting their favourite beer imported as I've always thought that “Boh” was a Saskatchewan-only beer.  Probably for that reason, the majority of my friends made this our beer of choice during our high school days.  (Uhm, the drinking age in Saskatchewan is 16 isn't it?)

But here's the blurb from Molson – apparently it's now in  Saskatchewan AND Ontario (take that, Labatt 50!)

Brewed in Canada in the tradition of Czech style lagers since 1926,
this beer has both taste and balance. It pours a clear medium gold
colour, has low carbonation and a light floral hop aroma mingled with
sweet rain smells. It has a smooth and easy-drinking taste. Bohemian
has been available in the Saskatchewan market for many years and is now
available in Ontario.

“Sweet rain smells?”  WTF?  More like “fresh horse pish” but that was part of its charm.  We had a very serious theory that Bohemian was created by Molson emptying the dregs of the tanks from all their other beers produced in their Regina brewery into the “Bohemian Blend”. 

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