Why The Headache Is Worth It…Sometimes

See below for some photos from my adventures on Tuesday night. 

I also added one from Wednesday's karaoke session to the “Librarian Idol” entry.  The photo I added is sort of bittersweet – Shea has our digital camera in Saskatchewan so I dug out my old film camera to take with me to karaoke.  It had a half a roll used already but I had no idea what the photos would be.  Then, when I got the roll developed today, I realised this might be the last roll of film I ever develop in my life from a camera that's literally travelled around the world with me.  I don't know – my dad gets emotional when he sells a vehicle and I've inherited a lot of his sentimentality, I guess.  

Oh, and the unknown photos on the first half of the roll turned out to be even more embarrassing (if it's possible) photos of Mike's haircut and other shots from the end of that debauched night.  (Yep, we carried on for oh, nine pictures or so worth of craziness after cutting Mike's hair.)

As to the other photos…

I'm comfortable enough with my sexuality to observe that Adrian is one sexy Grad Club employee…

…as is Alicia (what a cool photo too!)

Sexy PhD students, Mike and Tami…

Jeremie is a sexy first-termer (is that line getting tired yet?)

On the other hand, this is about as sexy as I get…

Okay, one last one – sexy, magic pint glass…

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Aww, Tami is so cute! I TAd with her and she was always so bubbly! I briefly saw her at OLA too. Yay for PhD students!

    Posted 31 Jul 2006 at 2:19 pm
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Yep, she's one of the good ones, no doubt. I'd heard her name from David and Sabina last semester and that should've been my cue to seek her out just then. When I finally do, she's from the west as well, we hit it off completely and it even turns out that she lives in my building and I never knew. How crazy is that?

    Posted 03 Aug 2006 at 5:00 am

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