Librarian Idol

Went to the Librarians Without Borders karaoke fundraiser tonight and other than a broken air conditioning system at the venue, it was a very fun (and very sweaty) night.  LWB invited the students in journalism school and so a bunch of them came out which provided my first real chance to meet many of them other than a “hello” in passing in the halls. 

For whatever reason, there's a bit of a tension between the two programs and, mixed with the fact that we have different schedules and don't bump into each other very often, there aren't a lot of opportunities to mingle.  (And to be honest, tonight was a bit like a high school dance with the journalists mainly sticking to their side of the room and the librarians mainly staying on ours.)

As for any “rivalry”, they definitely did more singing than the librarians did but then again, they're all born with microphones in their hands.   We, on the other hand, kicked ass in winning door prizes so I guess that balances things out a bit.    Plus we showed them how librarians do things by getting up as an entire group to sing “Brown Eyed Girl”.   

Met one J-School student who is from Saskatchewan so that was cool as well.  Capped the evening by dueting on “Saskatchewan Dreaming” (to the tune of “California Dreaming”) with her since she didn't know “Running Back to Saskatoon” and they didn't have “Last Saskatchewan Pirate”. 

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