You Know You're A Library Nerd When…

…the course outline for “The Public Library In The Community” (see below) gets you overly excited! Anybody know anything about this prof?  E-mail me off-blog with any thoughts (but she'd have to be pure evil to keep me from taking this class. )

The course information session is tomorrow and I hope to post some thoughts on the various courses and instructors afterwards (I've already posted a couple things on our class listserv but that's top secret!)

I'm leaning towards these courses right now (but all is subject to change):
LIS613 – “Public Library in the Community” – Mon aftn.
LIS765 – “Advocacy and Library Issues” – no day listed
LIS645 – “Mgmt of Special Libraries” – Thu PM
LIS532 – “Shaping of News & Info Thru Tech” – Tue AM
…and one spot that will be filled after I hear the presentations tomorrow.

I'd love to do another independent study or research project but haven't been very active in trying to make that happen.  (Uhm, if any profs out there read this and want to work with me on something related to Wikipedia or doing a cross-Canada comparative survey of the library schools or if you just want to brainstorm something else, e-mail me!)

PS – how can you tell my wife's away.  What is this – my eighteenth post today? 

PPS – I'm listening to Hank Williams Jr (yeah, I know) and that makes me wonder, “Why is adding water to a rye & coke called a 'press'?”  There's a good RQ if anybody's looking for extra practice! 

Mondays 1:30 – 4:30 pm
Instructor: Carmen Sprovieri

The course will deal with those areas of Library service that are unique to the Public Library.
Topics include:
•    History of the Public Library
•    Legal and Financial structure
•    Governance
•    Services to Client Groups, e.g. Children, Business, Seniors, Ethnic Minorities, etc. 
•    Marketing
•    Fundraising 
•    Role of Friends Groups and Volunteers

Tour of the London Public Library is planned and students are required to attend a Library Board Meeting.

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