There Will Be A Lot Less Criticizing of Student Council On This Blog From Now On

After discussion with a member of the current student council, I let my name stand for election (er, appointment?  I have no idea how they do things) and as of Wednesday afternoon, am the new, incoming Academic Rep for the MLIS Student Council. 

As with everything in my life (Spirit of Librarianship, whether or not to do co-op, toast or cereal in the morning), I have mixed feelings about this.  I want to keep doing my own projects – mainly Lunch Bucket but also a couple others that I think would be awesome for the Fall.  Plus if I get doing a job search next semester, that could take up some time as well.  (I doubt it would be as bad as applying for co-op but a lot of people described that process as being “like taking another class.”)  But there are some exciting initiatives under way already and the potential to maybe implement a few of my better ideas directly rather than nagging people on student council constantly.  So we'll see how it goes. 

Then on top of that, I went for breakfast today with Cabot Yu, a FIMS alumnus who now works for the Government of Canada and was back at FIMS presenting some information on getting a government job to students, giving career advice and just generally being an all-around helpful guy.  Had a good conversation with a bunch of fellow students at breakfast about CLA, their conference, Feliciter and various other issues in the library world.  And I think I ended up suggesting that I might be willing to join a CLA committee if there is a vacancy.   I am the Establishment Man (or maybe just a guy who can't say no! )

Oh, and Cabot picked up the bill for all of us.  So, he gets Classmate Colleague of the Day for that generosity – both at breakfast (he joked “hopefully, this helps make up for that $18 first-timers breakfast at CLA.”) and also just in general.  To me, Cabot's one of those guys who defines what a librarian should be – selfless, smart and eager to help in any way possible (and I don't say that just because I know he reads this blog!) 

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Unbeknowst to Cabot, he is responsible for bringing me together with my fiance. Way back in 2000, just after we all survived Y2K, he had arranged a backstage pass tour of the Library of Parliament (a mecca for every Canadian library) and it was on this tour that Sandra and I first met. Since Jason says he reads this blog, I am hoping he will see this message. Thanks, Cabot!!!

    Posted 21 Jul 2006 at 2:16 pm
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