Friday Fun Link – July 14, 2006 (The Fifteeners: The Earliest Printed Books)

or incunables are the very first examples of books, pamphlets, and
broadsides printed with moveable type in Western Europe. They range
from the very first examples of the two-column Latin Bible produced by
Johann Gutenberg in the 1450s to works printed through the end of the
year 1500. The term “incunable” derives from the Latin word cunabula
for “cradle” or “origin”, hinting at their status as the earliest of
all books. Incunabula are also sometimes referred to as “fifteeners”
from their appearance in the fifteenth century.”

(via [I need to make better citations when I bookmark things – most likely from
Metafilter, Kottke or Boing Boing])

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