July 19 = Busiest Day of the Year

July 19 is shaping up to be the busiest day of the year for those of us who enjoy the extracurricular activities that library school offers. 

Noon – 1pm (NCB 293) – Lunch Bucket Speaker Series with Jean McKay, author & creative writing instructor and Corey Redekop, soon-to-be-published FIMS student.  Whether you're a closet writer or not, come out and learn about the writing process and what it takes to get published. 

4:30 – 5:30pm (NCB 293) CLA Student Chapter Presents…Cabot Yu
Are you interested in working for the Government of Canada? Not sure what GoC BBB and LS mean? Then on July 19th from 4:30-5:30p.m. in Rm. 293, join
us for an informal discussion with Cabot Yu about how to find and apply
for library jobs in the federal government. Also, find out how to use
your coop experience to your advantage in landing a job.


PLUS: Tired of being pelleted with popcorn? What can your library
association do for you? How can CASLIS Ottawa and CLA help make your
MLIS experience more meaningful and useful? Tell us what you think.

Cabot Yu (MLIS '99) works as an Electronic Information
Specialist at Citizenship and Immigration Canada. He is also on the executive of the Council of Federal Libraries' Priorities and Planning Committee and of CASLIS Ottawa.

(Personal note: Cabot is a really wicked guy who is super-active in the Ottawa area and is sure to have lots of good things to say.  Super-active?  Is that like radioactive?  Because he's that too!)

5:30 – 7:30pm (NCB 114) Student Film Series
Quinn Dupont will be hosting a free screening of a film which is connected to libraries and library-related issues.  This month's film will be “The Motorcycle Diaries”.  As I think I said somewhere else, come out for this.  It will make you a better librarian (or your money back!)

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