Library Students + Technology = Funny

The entire 525 class had to post thoughts on our latest assignment on our personal blogs so I've been reading through my classmates' entries in between finishing my final 746 assignment (as of tomorrow, I'll have completed all of the assignments for “Collection Development in Academic Libraries”.  Man, it looked like a very busy, very  top-heavy course seven weeks ago when the semester started but am I ever glad I didn't drop that class as I initially thought I might!)

Anyhew, here are a few of the funniest comments from the entries about people's Ubuntu experiences…

“I did not visit any warez sites or anything of that type while I was
searching because I know that most warez sites also offer ‘material of
questionable morals’. I was at school, and it would have been
inappropriate to view such materials.”

(I'm not sure if this was said seriously or in jest but I found it funny, especially when half the class misheard “” a couple weeks ago and ended up visiting “” which is an entirely different proposition!)

“Public access computers can cause problems depending on what
environment they are located in…In my co-op placement at the University
of Windsor, I found the University also had computers for alumni, the
general public and even kids…I won't even get started on the times children used the
computers. It created the “occasional” noise problem.”

“I began my inaugural journey into the world of Live CD's very optimistically, but after about 2 hours was worn down.”

“I have developed a lot of patience from playing video games which
load from disc-based media and not a hard drive. Unfortunately, any
patience developed waiting for games to load has been countered by
impatience waiting for real life to be as exciting as video games.”

“Everything behaved like I expected it to, from Firefox to Solitaire. I think I may actually be better at Solitaire on Ubuntu.”

“After waiting an excruciatingly long time for
the program to load, [it just] made me realize just how impatient I am when
it comes to internet time.”

“I attempted to complete the assignment as it was described on the 525
course website but my efforts were thwarted by a completely packed Lab
B. Stunned by the shear amount of people crowded into that tiny room, I
slowly backed out of the room and skulked over to Lab C to complete the
“Being an upstanding, moral student, I did not do this but found it very coincidental that the two print-outs attached to this report happened to be sitting on the printer, apparently without an owner, when I walked by after doing some experimenting with Ubuntu's settings.”

“I did try to look for “Bare Naked Ladies” (as in the band — however
there was a pop-up window asking if i wanted to see the filtered or the
unfiltered results. I chose the filtered results. Thinking back, maybe
I should have chosen the unfiltered results to see what would happen.”

“I find that my wireless connection is not working… at all. I spend several minutes cursing… Fuck. Word of the day.”

posted on the class sharepoint, and then cruised off to look for a
nasty pornography site, which was rather embarrassing – not only was I
in a public lab, but I’d never actually looked at pornography on the
internet before. Ah, the things one must do to become a librarian.

Great to see that other library students like to have some fun with their assignments as well – although admittedly, my write-up for this one was pretty boring. 

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