Classmate Mike's Top Ten Ways To Annoy/Astonish Your Profs

Tomorrow marks the halfway point of the summer semester.  I'll be at the Grad Club around noon to have a drink and to celebrate this milestone in “flimsy excuses to go for a drink.”  Anybody who's reading this and around campus is invited to join me (and the crowds of soccer hooligans who are sure to be there as well) for a pint or a pop or another alliterative 'p' word for coffee. 

Talking (does e-mailing = talking) to Sabina about the book zine inspired me to pull out my copy of the one they put together last semester.  (If you haven't heard about it, The Book Zine is a fun little booklet that's put together every semester with lists of “Top 10 Books” and various other oddities submitted by students and profs.) 

A classmate whose on co-op right now had the funniest list of all-time, especially when you realise these are all actual things he said in class.  (I know, I was there.)

Mike M.'s Top Ten Ways To Annoy/Astonish Your Professors
10. Suggest there should be showers in public libraries.
9. Point out that you need to know the Volume to Issue to Page ratio of journals for binding purposes.
8. Ask “So that's what the books say but what's it like in REAL LIFE?”
7. Note that “How do you intend to use that information?” is not a neutral question.
6.  Point out that the most important part of Reader's Advisory service is persuasion skills.
5. State that since libraries are government funded, that librarians should “just toe the party line!”
4. Ask “Why do we have ethics?”
3. Point out that “charisma of the speaker” is the most important aspect of effective presentations.
2. Ask “Why are we learning this?”
1. Come to class wearing the clothes you had on yesterday, still drunk, half hungover, reeking of beer with a really bad haircut and sunglasses.

I've been pretty good about asking people's permission if I mention them in any sort of embarrasing light or whatever but to celebrate the semester being half over as of today (Friday), I'm going to post a few never-released photos of #1 on Mike's list…sorry buddy! 

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