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A couple favourites from the above list of results…
Summary of Stephen and Avi Lewis Opening Keynote Presentation
(via the Green Kangaroo)

Dumb Things I Have Done So Far at CLA
(via Inspyration)

Why The CLA Should Have Their 2010 Conference in Whitehorse
(via Laurie the Librarian)

…and the CLA conference in Calgary apparently had both a blog and a wiki in 2005.  The Wiki has the potential to be particularly useful including a list of “Tips for Newbies” and “Conference Bloggers” although neither was utilized very much.  Did CLA offer these things in 2006?  I couldn't find anything…

[2006-08-24 – the new “Feliciter” listed the blog of Jeremiah Saunders who was UBC's “Student to CLA” representative.  He has a blog with some of his thoughts and experiences.  Blogger doesn't allow tagging as far as I know but if you scan through his June 2006 entries, you'll hit most of his CLA conference-related content.)

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