Canadian Library Association

Turn around twice and after two days in Toronto, I'm off to Ottawa for the Canadian Library Association conference.  I'm taking my laptop but not sure what the Internet situation will be like where we're staying so new blog posts may be sporadic until next week.   The timing couldn't have been better – the one assignment I had due for the rest of the week was cancelled and so my schedule's clear.  (I know one classmate who ended up writing SIX papers over the weekend to clear her schedule so she could go.)  Six of us are going up together in a mini-van I picked up today – Shea and I think it'll be good practice for when we have kids to see if we want a mini-van and also, although we don't believe in it right now, if putting in a DVD is the easiest way to keep everybody quiet! Going to the Bright Eyes concert in an hour and in some ways, it would've been just as easy to not have tickets to a concert the day before I have to do a major trip.  But I'm pretty excited and plan to just enjoy the heck out of myself! 

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