CLA Ride Share?

For anyone who doesn't know how they're getting to the CLA conference in Ottawa next week, Shea did some research tonight and found that we can rent a mid-sized
car (something like a Grand Am) for $256 with unlimited km that would fit 4 comfortably.
 We could also rent a 7-passenger van for $342 which would probably be
best to take no more than 6.  It's got a km limit but 2100km should be
more than enough to get us there and back.

Anyone riding with us would also share the cost of gas and insurance (unless
somebody has a VISA or CAA that covers rental insurance for vans?  Mine
covers insurance but only for cars.) 
Oh, let me know if you're willing to share driving as well. 

We would ideally like to go up Wednesday morning-ish (8 or 9am?) and
come back Sunday afternoon although we are willing to be flexible to meet the
wishes of the most people in the car pool.

If you are interested, please e-mail me and we can work something out.  Shea
and I are likely going to rent a car no matter what since it's cheaper
than bus/train so it would be great if we could share this expense a bit.

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