Why I Hate Personal Weblogs

My fellow blogger and former co-worker, Cenobyte sent me this: Why I Hate Personal Weblogs

Here's an excerpt the author of this article suggested that bloggers should post at least once a month:

Statement of Audience

I realize that nothing I say matters to anyone else on the entire planet.
My opinions are useless and unfocused. I am an expert in nothing. I know
nothing. I am confused about almost everything. I cannot, as an
individual, ever possibly know everything, or even enough to make editorial
commentary on the vast vast majority of things that exist in my world. This
is a stupid document; it is meaningless drivel that I do not expect
any of the several billion people on my planet to actually read. People who
do read my rambling, incoherent dumbfuckery are probably just as confused as
I am, if not moreso, as they are looking to my sorry ass for an opinion when
they should be outside playing Frisbee with their dog or screwing their life
partner or getting a dog or getting a life partner. Anyone who actually
takes the time to read my bullshit probably deserves to ingest my fucked up
and obviously mistaken opinions on whatever it is that I have written about.
Signed: ——

She also sent me this:

So I sent her this (which is funnier because it's true):

If you squint really hard, Carolina's uniforms look like Calgary's and hey, any team that has Mike Commodore is fine by me!  (Oh man, when I e-mailed her, Carolina scored with two seconds left in the period.  Now I go to post this on the blog and Doug Weight just scored for Carolina to put the 'Canes up 4-0 with 17 minutes left in the third.  I really hope Edmonton loses in four straight!)

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Speaking of the Flamers, I'm hosting International White Trash week this year, for the first time in about six years. Um. You're invited?
    And so are all your friends and cousins!
    (Yes, I realise most of your friends and cousins aren't going to be able to make it to the Bible Belt of Canada for the fifth International White Trash Week celebration, which is really just only two days long because try as we might, we could never sustain drinking THAT much alcohol for more than two days straight. Then again, we never invited Buddha…)

    Posted 08 Jun 2006 at 6:02 pm
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    The Flames remind you of white trash? Have you seen Ryan Smyth's mullet/'stash combo? I don't think he's sporting that just for the play-offs, that's how the man lives his life.
    I got the e-mail invite to the party but suspected it was pretty obvious that I wouldn't be attending this event so didn't bother to RSVP. Have fun, shoot some squirrels for me.

    Posted 10 Jun 2006 at 7:05 am
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