The Mentee Becomes The Mentor

Got the list of peer mentor assignments today and I'm going to be paired with first-termer Kathleen Crowley.  I've got to say anybody who names their blog “Princess Cosine, The Cunning Linguist” is cool with me!  
(Maybe she'll change it to “Princess Collocation, The Depth-Indexing
Librarian.”  But that doesn't have the same ring to it now, does

Uhm, that weak attempt at risque librarian humour was courtesy of McSweeny's Library Science Jargon That Sounds Dirty List.  I mention this because I learned in 501 that it's important to
acknowledge the theft of copyrighted material.  Or something. 

I don't know if I should tell Kathleen that library school doesn't actually
teach you what a blog is.  I'm hoping to learn tomorrow (er, later
today) when I attend my first LIS525 class – “Managing Internet
Information Services”. 

through her blog, she seems pretty
cool.  Sabina belated admitted that she wasn't sure what
I was going to be like based on my original e-mail reply to her. 
And I think David's first words to Shea when she got here were “I
didn't even want
to meet Jason when Sabina invited him to breakfast.”  So
obviously, this peer mentorship thing can be hit & miss (I have
classmates who are still waiting for the inaugural contact e-mail from
their mentees!)

What else happened today that is boring but helps clear cut a few more pixels from the ether? 

I lucked into a
couple extra days of break since I don't have class on Mondays this semester and our
Tuesday class doesn't start until May 23.  So instead
of sitting on my computer for eighteen hours like I usually do on days
off, I went outside (The sun…it shines) and ended up playing basketball with a guy who
lives in our building (he just moved in next door actually.) 

He's a
bouncer at Ceeps and looks like he normally uses guys like me as a
speed bag.  And telling him I'm a library student probably didn't
help either.  But after losing by what I thought was a fairly
respectable score of 11-5 in a game of one-on-one, I thought I was
going to puke on his shoes. 

Being a bouncer at
C(r)eeps, he's probably used to this.  I was able to restrain
myself and made it to the apartment where I was fine once the
double-vision went away. 

Went to the Grad Club tonight for a few hours tonight to hang out with
David, Sabina, Shea and assorted others.  Good to see those guys
again after their trip to Oil-berta (David and Sabina.  They
didn't take Shea with them.  Though I bet she would've gone.)

I guess that's
about it.  Seriously, is there a 24-hour public library open
anywhere in the world?  Because with how much of a night owl I am,
that's probably the best place for me to work. 

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