Shea's Career versus Jason's Career

Anybody watch Kenny v. Spenny on CBC?  Great show.  Here's my version – Shea v. Jay. 

(My wife is a cardiac nurse for anyone who doesn't know.) 

Shea: Has concerns about the noise of the students in the building affecting her ability to work the following day. 
Jay: Is usually one of the students causing a disturbance.

Shea: Has people's lives in her hands everyday. 
Jay: Will be able to waive overdue fees for his friends.

Shea: Works 12-hour shifts that require her to get up at 6am and not get home until after 7pm. 
Jay: Tries to work his schedule so that none of his 3-hour classes are in the morning. 

Can successfully draw blood from the thinnest vein.
Jay: Can successfully write a 10-page paper from the thinnest of premises.

Shea: Has to wear a uniform. 
Jay: Occasionally tries to comb his hair.

Shea: Tries to find the balance between the wishes of doctors, co-workers, patients and their families. 
Jay: Tries to find the balances between going for drinks at the Grad Club, the Spoke, Alex P. Keaton's and his balcony. 

Shea: Learning to read EKG's was a challenge at first. 
Jay: Learning to read was a challenge at first.

Shea: Her career is regulary voted “most trusted” in polls of the general public. 
Jay: Common general public perception that all male librarians are homosexuals. 

Perhaps surprisingly, the two things a majority of nurses agree are the
most disgusting aspects of their job are phleghm and dirty feet. 
Jay: Perhaps surprisingly, he would like to be a children's librarian, in spite of the runny noses and dirty hands. 

Shea: Got to watch an open heart surgery today as part of her training!  (How frickin' cool is that?)
Wonders if they'll cover the treatment of papercuts in any of his library classes this year?

Shea: Regularly has to work with catheters and other items the public might find unpleasant. 
Jay: Still unsure what a “Dewey” is. 

Shea: Previously worked as a neuro-rehab nurse dealing with brain-injured patients. 
Has been known to say that he met his wife when she worked as a neuro-rehab nurse and he was a brain-injured patient.

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