The Yearbook Entry

One of the first
things our class did when we started was set-up a Yahoo! listserv
so all us first termer's would have a way to easily communicate with
each other without having to use official class lists (which aren't
necessarily meant for that purpose anyhow.)  So far the listserv
has facilitated discussion of assignments, parties, missing classmates, ride shares, class gatherings,
games nights and so much more. 

One of the first messages sent was a “Roll Call” list of questions
which was a way to get to know each other.  I'm going off about
the lack of technology focus in an “Information” faculty again but why
wouldn't our “Stalker Pages” (ie. the class pages that list our
names, UWO e-mail addresses, a mailbox number in the grad lounge, and
our photos) not have this type of info for everyone (with the option
for how much or how little people wanted to list of course.)

Here are my answers for Roll Call I:
Name: Jason Hammond

Birthplace: Indian Head, Saskatchewan

Birthday: July 18, 1973

Age: 32

Most Recent Home (Before London): Regina, SK

Other Places You've Lived For Extended Periods of Time: Calgary, York, England

Address In London: #804-1231 Richmond St.

Phone Number: 435-1948

Other Degree(s): BA - English (U of Regina - 1996)

Previous Jobs: Program Officer, Sask Publishers Group;
Program Officer, Writers Guild of Alberta

Why Library School? (short version): I love books, libraries and the
role that public libraries play in the community.

Favourite Book: Slaughterhouse Five - Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Last Book Read (Be honest!): Revolting Librarians Redux: Radical
Librarians Speak Out (a Christmas present from my wife)

Three Things You Suspect You Know More About (or Can Do) Better Than Anyone In Our Class:
1. The Beatles
2. Prairie Publishers & Writers
3. How To Hold A Table In A Bar for Four Hours (I've done it more than once already if you can believe it. Actually, maybe that's not so hard to believe.)

One Thing That Would Surprise Your Classmates If They Knew It About You:
I've been married three the same woman.

We recently had "Roll Call II" to bookend (getit?) the semester. Here's my answers for it:

Type of Library You'd Like To Work In: Public

Any Specific Areas of Interest In Libraries: Technology,
Corporatization, Social Issues & Libraries

Favourite Library You've Ever Visited: The new Crowfoot Crossing Branch in Calgary - beautiful. See:

Your Favourite Class: 501

Your Least Favourite Class: 503 (thought it would be one of my favourites coming in which makes it extra disappointing.) But there's always gotta be one, right?

Your Hardest Class: 504

Classes You're Planning To Take Next Semester: Management, Managing Internet Information, Collection Development, Children's Lit and one yet to be decided
(all subject to change of course)

One Important Thing You've Learned (School-Related): Cataloguing doesn't have to be boring and/or You can be productive in a class even if you're not paying attention to the lecture.

One Important Thing You've Learned (Not School-Related): You can learn more in two hours at the Grad Club than in two months in library school.

Your Most Memorable Moment From The Semester: Mike's "haircut"

If You Could Change One Thing About the MLIS Program: I guess my biggest personal bugaboo is 505 (computers) and how out-of-date
it seems to me.

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