The Digital Camera Arrives!!!

Our digital camera finally arrived today after two weeks of waiting,
UPS losing the first one that shipped (that's the official line anyhow)
and many, many phone calls to New York.  It's not as bad as it
seems – it was only a week longer than I expected, the hit at the
border for customs and taxes wasn't too bad and all those long distance
phone calls were toll-free. 

I've done a lot of e-commerce transactions but this was the first time
I've bought off E-bay so that's why I was a bit nervous – that it was
some sort of a scam trying to string me along until my 45-days of
PayPal purchase protection ran out or that the item I bought wasn't a
camera but a photo of a
camera (I've heard of it happening.)  And I hate to buy into
stereotypes but when you call the toll-free number and get a bunch of
young guys with Jersey accents, you can't help but wonder what's
up.  (I probably watch too much TV.) 

That's it for now.  No classmate of the day today as it was an
incredibly unremarkable day all around – I went to class, I hung out, I
talked to a few people, I came home.  Absolutely nothing of note
happened anywhere along the line that I can remember.  Maybe
tomorrow somebody will run screaming through the halls or give me money
or announce that they're changing their name to “Papercut
McBooks”).  Actually, tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day so all of those
are actually distinct possibilities come to think of it. 

Word is filtering out – Isola said he'll compile an e-mail with links
to all our class web pages so if people visit my resume, they might
follow the link to the blog.  Welcome classmates – sorry about the
dust.  We're still doing some renovating around here.  Also
got an e-mail from Jennifer Cyr over at Canuck Librarian saying that
she'd been alerted to my page via Technorati just as Jillian Bell had
but hadn't bothered to leave any comments.  (Did I mention I
turned off the registration option so hopefully I'll get a few more
comments than I would've otherwise.) 

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    Just leaving a comment for myself to see if it works. Not filling in anything else except the Comment Verification number.

    Posted 17 Mar 2006 at 1:54 am
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