Jason J. Simpson

This is what I
would look like if I lived in Springfield.  Pretty accurate though
they didn't have a “full beard” option and my hair probably could've
been shown as being a wee bit longer. 

Went over to the school at noon and spent the rest of the day there
working on two of the four assignments I have due next week.  What
did I learn today?  Mainly that I am a complete and utter idiot at

Michelle D. gets Classmate of the Day
for being the first person to see this blog before it goes
public.  I showed her the web site I created for our 505
assignment forgetting I had a link to this blog rather than my usual
home page on it.  So she got to see the blog as well.  She
didn't really read through but I know if the situation was reversed,
I'd probably go home and check to see what was being written (and if
anything was being written about me!)  So if that's true, hello
Michelle!  You rock and I'll send my essay to you later.

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