I did a
surprisingly coherent, typo-free blog post when I got home last night
at 5am after a night of hardcore drinking with a few classmates (take
that, librarian stereotypes!)

But I'm going to remove most of it (nothing controversial was said,
just rambling) except to report that “going for one beer” simply isn't
possible for some of us, MLIS students and karaoke are a
surprisingly good mix and Mike is COTD
(and possibly Classmate of the Semester!) for letting us shave his head (half of it anyhow.) 

After closing The Spoke, I stopped at my place on the way to Ian's
apartment to grab my clippers (I always try to be helpful!)  I
also grabbed my camera but until my digital camera gets here and I have
instant photo gratification, you'll have to do with this rough
approximation of what Mike looked like this morning…

Ian gets an honourary COTD for
allowing us to go to his house, drink his booze, use various items from
his kitchen as barber accessories and running to Mac's for a safety
razor when my clippers ran out of charge! 

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