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Well, I've finally gotten on the “blog-wagon”…

Because I'm from a small Saskatchewan town,
I have a theory that I get into anything trendy about 3-5 years after
everybody else does.  It was true when I got a Colecovision game
console in 1985, three years after the rest of the world did.  It
was true for grunge music which broke for the rest of the world in the
late 1980's and for Indian Head in about 1992.  And now its true
of blogs which have been growing in popularity since around 2000 and
which I'm finally getting around to trying out, right here in 2006. 

Although I'm a huge fan of a few blogs, part of my resistance was that
I didn't want to have just another blog where I talked about what I had
for lunch and whether my cat has a hairball today or not.  (I have my
personal journal for that and would prefer to keep it that way.)

Now that I'm in library-school, I don't necessarily have anything more
exciting to say than I did before.  But because blogs are playing
an increasing role in the library world,
because I'm far from home and as soon as I get with that other trend
(ie. when I finally buy a digital camera) I'll be able to keep in touch
with home better, and because someone told me my regular web site
looks a design from 1998 (guilty!), I decided to take advantage of the
30-day free trial my web hosting company offers for their blog
interface to give it a whirl. 

My old co-worker (er, former co-worker probably sounds better) has a blog
and I liked her policy of trying to write an entry everyday.  I'll
try to do that, at least for the next week when we're on Spring Break
and I'll have a bit more time for playing around.  If I get this
thing set-up the way I want, it may even become my official home
page.  Isn't that exciting? 

I've got a couple ideas for regular features I'd like to do to keep
things interesting as well – a revitalization of the Friday Fun Links I used to
send when I worked for the Writers Guild of Alberta
but with more of a Library Student focus.  (By the way, it's nice
to see I'm still listed as the Southern Alberta Program Coordinator on their site, a
year and a half after I left that organization. Web sites always seem
to fall to the bottom of the priority list in most of the non-profits
I've been connected with.)

I was joking the other day that I was going to start a “Favourite
Classmate of the Day” list after Quinn & Margie, two of our
Victoria students, both had me thoroughly entertained by under-dressing
when they day started as a balmy +5 then getting caught in a freak
snowstorm that hit by the end of the day.  “I'm going to be a
Quinn-sicle” is now a part of my vocabulary. 

That's about it for now.  Next time…

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    You got a cat!?
    And had a Colecovision?
    Man. The things you don't know about the folks you think you know something about.
    Glad to see you've succumbed to the media of the masses [I keed. I keed], and that you don't think I'm old. Or rather, that you think you shouldn't call me old.
    HUZZAH, Library Guy! And love the design.
    (May I still call you 'chops'?)

    Posted 15 Mar 2006 at 9:10 pm

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